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SPSS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures 2014 -
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SPSS Pastoral Care Policy 2013-14 - Click here 

Link Centre Positive Behaviour Management Policy 2013-14 - Click here

SPSS Critical Incident Policy 2014 - Click here

SPSS Staff Code of Conduct reviewed Feb 2014 - Click here

SPSS Anti-Bullying Behaviour Policy 2014 Click here

SPSS Anti-bullying Statement 2014 - Click here

Link Centre Student Acceptable Use of ICT Policy and Parental Agreement 2014 - Click here

SPSS ESD Policy encompassing CRED - Click here

SPSS Health and Wellbeing Procedures -
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SPSS Strategies for Positive Behaviour Management and Pupil Code of Conduct - Click here

SPSS Sun Protection Procedures 2014 - Click here